Your relocation broker

Everywhere in the province of Quebec


Are you a Claims Adjuster?

We will take care of the relocation of your insureds throughout the province of Quebec. Our extensive network allows us to respond to the immediate needs of your clients.

Our service does not stop at the relocation. We take care of all the file, follow-up and the prolongation. This will allow you to focus on others priorities!

As Relocation Brokers we are present in all the key phases and our large network of Real Estate Professionals allows us to meet the needs in almost all regions.

We offer quick search results and our prices are very competitive.

Are you victim of a disaster ?

Oops, an unexpected situation! You are the victim of a disaster and you must quickly find an accommodation for your family

Don’t panic! Our qualified team will help you quickly regain a normal life by offering you a turnkey relocation service without improvisation or unforeseen events, anywhere in Quebec.

We assist you, we seek, we organize, we rent!

We search for the ideal accommodation, close to your residence, schools or work.

We work directly with your insurer to settle the financial aspect so that your are not impacted.


We work differently

We are Relocation Brokers and we have access to a large amount of quality  furnished and fully equipped accommodations.  Our network of owners is growing every day throughout the province of Quebec.


Generous, respectful and attentive to your needs. We are available at all times, even when you are not.


We are a small but thriving business, we offer a personalized approach, solution-oriented with rigorous monitoring.


Cordial, fast and professional, they were a great help in our research. They found and rented the right accommodation 8 minutes from the house!

Thanks again.

Francine and André

After the fire, I could no longer see clearly. It was the hotel for several months. I never thought they could find such a comfortable apartment in Vaudreuil.

Mme Provencher

Thank you to your team for being present, listening to our needs and finding the right accommodation. All these long months full of unexpected events. The reconstruction was not easy but we got there and we were well accommodated.

The Nguyen family

Found a chalet in Asbestos to accommodate us, my 3 children, me and the 2 dogs!

Thanks again.

Lyne, François, Amélie et Sandrine