Moving When You’re Disaster Stricken: What to Bring

Written by Dominique Thomas
– 17 September 2021
JS Relocation - Déménager quand on est sinistré : quoi apporter?


When you have a disaster that requires you to relocate to another home, there is not much time to prepare for your move. Although the insurance moving company will pack and store most everything, there are some things you may want to keep with you for convenience, comfort or attachment. Here’s a checklist put together by our team to make sure you don’t forget anything important before you move back into your temporary home.

To define personal belongings, you can think of what you would bring in a suitcase when you go on a trip:

  • seasonal clothing (plan for appropriate clothing based on the length of your relocation, if you anticipate it will span several seasons);
  • personal hygiene items;
  • medication;
  • mobile electronic devices such as a cell phone, tablet or laptop computer and their charging cables;
  • jewelry.

In the event of a disaster, familiar landmarks such as items to which one is attached provide great comfort, especially for children. Therefore, you may want to consider bringing along items that make you feel good:

  • toys;
  • stuffed animals;
  • books;
  • photos;
  • blankets;
  • comforting clothes;
  • special mug;
  • etc.

Do you live by the coffee from your high-end coffee maker? Sleep better on your own pillow? Do you listen to music on a high quality Bluetooth speaker?  Consider bringing these items with you when you move. Your temporary home will certainly have small appliances, bedding and basic electronics, but sometimes there’s nothing like a comforting habit to brighten up a stay in another place.

If you’re a snowboarder or skier and need to relocate in the winter, it would be wise to bring your gear. The same is true if you are accustomed to biking and wish to continue this hobby during your relocation period. You may not have enough space in your home to bring all your sporting goods, but you can choose a few. You can also ask your adjuster or relocation broker if storage space will be available at your temporary home.

Poodles and kittens will be going through a change too, and they’ll be happy to be surrounded by their familiar items! In addition to food and grooming supplies, you may want to consider bringing your pet’s favorite toys and a cushion, if they use one.

Your temporary home will most likely have a television, but cable service is not always included. If you want to watch your favorite channels while relocating, it may be safer to bring your cable company’s modem (Videotron, Bell, etc.). Simply unplug it, bring the modem and all related wires, and then reconnect it to the cable outlet and television set in the new home. You must then call your telecommunications company to activate the service in your new home, free of charge.

> Contact Videotron customer service

> Contact Bell customer service

> Contact Cogeco customer service

As simple as that, and you’ll be sure not to miss any of your favorite shows!

Everything else will be stored

It’s important to know that anything you don’t take with you will be stored. You won’t have access to them until you move back into your home after the disaster cleanup and repair or until you move into your new home. It’s a smart move!


For your convenience, we have prepared a checklist of items you may want to bring to your temporary home. You don’t have to bring everything, but this checklist will help you determine which items are essential to you.